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Selasa, 11 November 2008


I was born in jakarta in 1988, when my age 5th years i move to papua in Timika city. And then i moving to jakarta when i was 11th years old. And now i was 20th years old and i'm study at Universitas Persada Indonesia Y.A.I Jakarta. Design graphic Bachelor's degree.

In 2005 i love to see graffiti in some wall at jakarta. and i think, i want to try it.And then i start to buy some cans, in 2005 i dont know about caps. i start to painted with 2 cans without caps, its so bad thing.and now i still to learn and practice to make it better. And i think its more than hobby to me. i think its my carrer. i was get some money from do graffiti and i like it.


2nd Winner @ SMA 2 Bekasi, Graffiti contest, Bekasi

1st Winner @ SMAN 1 Bekasi, Graffiti contest ketua BNK se-Bekasi.

1st Winner @ Artheraphy Movement Graffiti Contest se-Bekasi

2nd Winner @ Exotica SMAN 2 Bekasi, Graffiti Contest se-Bekasi

Galaxy Sport Ancol, Graffiti Contest "Let's Get Fit" by Sosro. Jakarta


Job Painting @ TK. Nurul Iman, Bekasi - Indonesia

Job painting @ Sport Hall, PT. Omron, Cikarang - Indonesia

Live painting @ Ramayana Mall Bekasi, Bekasi - Indonesia
Live Graffiti painting.

Job painting, Graffiti project by XL, Jakarta - Indonesia

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my reply

Selasa, 04 November 2008

yo dust this skecth for u from me,,keep rawk dude,,and destroy some wall in PR,,haha

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sketch from dust,,

Minggu, 02 November 2008

sketch from my friend from puerto rico,,his name is DUST,,actually we just meet in myspace and sending some message but his very welcome..hehe :) thx dude u wanna doin this for me,,u'r skecth in progess,hehe maybe tomorrow i will post it. sorry for late to post it. actually u'r skecth was finished, but something trouble with my digicam..hehe

i like the puerto rico style,,hehe

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